Killarney Property Values: Key Factors Influencing Home Price

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Understanding Killarney property values is crucial if you’re considering buying or selling a home in this vibrant Calgary neighborhood. Enriched with local amenities, picturesque parks, and a strong sense of community, Killarney appeals to a dynamic demographic seeking the unique charm that this area offers. Its ranking as the 54th overall in Avenue Calgary’s 2020 Best Neighbourhoods underscores its desirability and reflects on the factors contributing to its real estate values.

As you navigate the Killarney real estate market, be aware of the pivotal elements that mold property values here. From the influence of location and neighborhood characteristics to the impact of market trends and economic conditions, your understanding of these factors can greatly assist in making well-informed decisions. Discover the key components that drive Killarney property values in this comprehensive guide, tailored for those looking to capture the essence of Killarney living.

Location and Neighborhood

In assessing Killarney property values, your attention to location and neighborhood specifics is paramount. Consider the following factors:

  • Local Real Estate Market Conditions: The Killarney housing market showcases an average price of $892,429, with the spectrum ranging from $229,000 to a peak of $1,799,000. The neighborhood has 27 active listings, and recent activity includes 6 new properties listed in the last 7 days and 14 in the past 14 days, signaling a dynamic market.
  • Market Dynamics: Current trends indicate a sellers’ market in Killarney, spurred by low interest rates. This environment has led to rising home prices and a limited supply. The pandemic has shifted preferences towards larger homes and less dense areas, further influencing property values.
  • Neighborhood Attributes:
    • Convenience: Proximity to essential amenities like schools, hospitals, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation typically enhances property value.
    • Community and Safety: A safe, well-maintained neighborhood with active community engagement often warrants higher property prices.
    • Employment and Accessibility: Locations near major employment centers or business districts, as well as easy access to transportation routes, significantly impact property values.
    • Natural and Aesthetic Appeal: Homes with picturesque views or near natural attractions such as water bodies command a premium.
  • Additional Considerations:
    • Amenities: Killarney’s accessibility scores are 61 for walking and 62 for transit, with high access to restaurants and public recreation facilities.
    • Demographics: With a population of 7,685 and a density of 4,269 people per sq. km as of 2019, the area’s demographics can influence demand.
    • Environmental and Regulatory Factors: Crime rates, government policies, and proximity to pollution or flood zones can adversely affect property values.

      These elements collectively shape the desirability and hence the value of properties in Killarney, Calgary. When considering an investment, weigh these factors carefully to gauge potential market performance.

Property Size and Features

When evaluating Killarney property values, the size and features of a property are significant indicators of its market price. Here’s a closer look at these aspects:

  1. Property Size:
    • The average living area in Killarney homes stands at approximately 2,501 square feet.
    • Properties typically feature an average of 5.7 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, catering to families seeking spacious living conditions.
    • The cost per square foot is a telling metric, with the average in Killarney being $1,008, indicating a robust market for sizeable homes.
  2. Property Features:
    • Types of properties vary, including detached homes, semi-detached homes, condos, and townhouses, offering a range of options for potential buyers.
    • Specific features impact pricing; for instance, eco-friendly homes are priced around $325,000, while homes with garages tend to be priced at $360,000, reflecting the premium placed on such amenities.
    • Market movement towards more balanced conditions is noted, with an increase in inventory across all property types, suggesting a diversification in available features and sizes.
  3. Current Market Listings:
    • A snapshot of the current listings shows 27 active properties, with prices ranging from $229,000 for condos to $1,799,000 for detached homes, demonstrating the wide spectrum of property values.
    • The average price per square foot across Killarney properties is $365, a figure that helps buyers gauge the relative value of homes based on size and features.
    • Detached homes command the highest prices, followed by attached homes, townhomes, and condos, underscoring the influence of property type on valuation.

      By understanding these details, you can better assess the value of a property in Killarney and make an informed decision tailored to your preferences and budget.

Home Condition and Age

When you’re evaluating Killarney properties, the condition and age of a home are critical in determining its market value. Here are some insights to consider:

  • Property Condition:
    • Homes that are well-maintained generally command higher values. For instance, properties that have undergone recent upgrades, such as modernized kitchens or bathrooms, can see an increase in value due to these improvements.
    • Conversely, properties in need of repairs may be valued lower, as potential buyers often factor in the cost and effort required to bring the home up to standard.
  • Age and Architectural Significance:
    • Newer properties might be priced higher due to modern features and minimal wear and tear. The median assessed property value in Killarney in 2017 was $538,000, reflecting a market with a mix of old and new properties.
    • However, not all older homes are at a disadvantage. Those with historical significance or unique architectural features can attract a premium, as they offer character and charm that newer homes may lack.

      The wide price range in Killarney, from $229,000 to $1,799,000, indicates that both the condition and age of properties are significant factors. As you navigate the market, assess these aspects alongside other property features to determine the best value for your investment.

Market Demand and Supply Dynamics

In the Killarney neighborhood of Calgary, understanding market demand and supply dynamics is crucial for grasping property value trends. Recent data reflects a nuanced picture of the local real estate landscape:

  • New Listings and Active Homes:
    • As of March 10th, there were 14 new listings in the last 14 days, with 6 of those appearing in the last 7 days.
    • Currently, there are 27 active homes for sale in the area.
  • Property Prices:
    • The average price of real estate in Killarney is $892,429.
    • The highest-priced active property is listed at $1,799,000.
  • Market Conditions:
    • The market is moving towards a more balanced state, with the benchmark home price trending upwards, albeit at a slowing monthly gain.
    • Average sold prices have decreased by 3% month-over-month, yet they are still up by 7% compared to last year.
    • Inventory for all property types, including single-family detached homes, attached homes, townhomes, and apartments, is on the rise.

      The local real estate market is influenced by several factors:

  • Interest Rates and Economic Factors:
    • Low interest rates have historically fueled demand, creating a seller’s market.
    • The pandemic has altered housing preferences, pushing for larger homes and shifts towards suburban areas.
    • Economic conditions such as employment rates and government policies play a pivotal role in housing demand and pricing.
  • Demographics and Housing Preferences:
    • Demographic shifts, like the retirement of baby boomers, can affect the demand for certain types of homes.
    • Population growth and changes in the job market in Killarney can lead to increased demand and higher property values.
    • A recent trend includes a significant demand from returning expatriates and locals seeking a higher quality of life post-pandemic, leading to a supply shortage.

      These dynamics offer a comprehensive view of the Killarney property market, allowing you to make informed decisions without the influence of specific realtors or companies.

Comparative Market Analysis (Comps)

In the Killarney area of Calgary, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an essential tool for understanding property values. Here’s how a CMA works:

  1. Data Collection:
    • A CMA begins by gathering detailed information about the property in question, including its location, size, age, and specific features.
    • Data on recently sold properties with similar characteristics is collected, focusing on those within the same subdivision or a close geographical area for the most accurate comparison.
  2. Analysis:
    • The CMA report includes a list of comparable properties, describing each one’s features and sales price, and making dollar adjustments for any differences.
    • By calculating the adjusted sold price per square foot, the report provides a suggested price range for the property, taking into account the current market conditions.
  3. Interpretation:
    • The results of the CMA offer a price range rather than a single figure, reflecting the variability in the market.
    • This range is determined by comparing the subject property to active, pending, and sold listings, with the best comps being those most similar and recently sold.

      It’s important to note that while CMAs provide a strong foundation for pricing decisions, they are not as precise as formal appraisals conducted by certified professionals. However, they are updated regularly to reflect the latest market trends and conditions, ensuring the information remains relevant for both buyers and sellers in Killarney.

Economic and External Factors

In assessing the value of properties in Killarney, Calgary, economic and external factors play a significant role:

  • Economic Conditions and Interest Rates:
    • The broader economic health of Calgary influences Killarney’s real estate market, with diversified sectors attracting a varied population and shaping housing demands.
    • Interest rates impact affordability, with lower rates typically increasing buyer demand and driving up property values, while higher rates may cool the market.
  • Demographic Shifts and Supply-Demand Balance:
    • Demographic changes, such as an aging population or an influx of young professionals, can shift housing preferences and demand, affecting property values.
    • The balance between available properties and buyer demand is a key determinant of market conditions, which can be categorized as hot (high demand, low supply), cold (low demand, high supply), or neutral.
  • Local Infrastructure and Urban Development:
    • Investments in public amenities like schools and transportation can enhance the appeal of Killarney, potentially increasing property values.
    • Staying informed about local infrastructure projects and urban development plans is crucial for understanding future property value trajectories.

      By staying attuned to these economic and external factors, you can navigate the Killarney real estate market with greater foresight and strategic planning.

Get a Free Evaluation

If you’re considering the sale of your property in Killarney, Calgary, obtaining a free evaluation can be an invaluable step in understanding your home’s market value. Here are options available for a complimentary assessment:

  • Local Valuation Services:
    • Reach out to established local valuers who can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your property. They typically assess factors such as size, condition, age, and local market trends.
    • Contacting a local real estate office can often lead to a free property evaluation. They generally offer this service in the hope of securing your business for the sale.
  • Online Home Value Estimators:
    • Utilize online tools that estimate your home’s value based on market data and algorithms. These can be a quick way to get a ballpark figure.
    • Be aware that these estimators require accurate input data and may not account for unique features or recent market changes as precisely as a local expert.
  • Professional Advice:
    • For a more detailed analysis, consider reaching out to a professional valuer or real estate agent. They can provide insight into how your property’s attributes align with current market conditions.
    • A professional can also advise on potential improvements that could increase your property’s value before listing.

      Remember, while free evaluations are helpful for gaining an initial understanding of your property’s value, they are not a substitute for a formal appraisal or the nuanced insights that a professional real estate agent can offer after a thorough inspection of your property.


What are the primary elements that determine a property’s value?

The value of a property is influenced by several key factors, including:

  • Location: The geographical position of a property significantly affects its worth.
  • Size and Condition: The dimensions and the state of upkeep of a property directly impact its value.
  • Market Conditions: The current real estate market trends play a role in determining property values.
  • Age of Property: The age of a property can also influence its valuation.

Have property prices been increasing in Kerry?

Yes, property prices in Kerry have seen an average increase of 8% over the past year. This is in contrast to the national average in Ireland, which has seen a 4% rise. The Irish Independent’s “How Much Is Your House Worth 2024” guide provides detailed information on housing trends across all counties in Ireland.

What strategies can enhance property value in Australia?

To increase the value of your property in Australia, consider the following approaches:

  • A New Paint Job: Refresh your home’s appearance and add value with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Increase Storage Space: More storage can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Improve the Outdoor Area: Enhancing outdoor spaces can significantly boost property value.
  • Install Gas Heating and Appliances: Modern and efficient heating and appliances are attractive to homebuyers.
  • Simple Swaps: Minor updates and replacements can have a positive effect on your home’s value.
  • Street Appeal: The exterior look of your home is crucial for making a good first impression.
  • Stage It Right: Properly staging your home can make it more enticing to buyers.
  • Build a Granny Flat: Adding a separate living space can increase the functionality and value of your property.

What does “contribution” mean in the context of real estate?

In real estate, the principle of “contribution” refers to the idea that the worth of a specific part of a property is based on how much it contributes to the total value of the property. It’s important to note that the cost of an improvement does not always equate to the added value it brings to the property as a whole.